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29 January 2020 – Don’t Give Up – Give Away!! – Lent 2020 Campaign.

Christians throughout the world are beginning to prepare for the most solemn period of the year, Lent, the period of 40 days and nights leading up to the momentous and horrific events of Good Friday before the celebrations of the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

Lent is traditionally a time when Christians give up something, chocolate, coffee, alcohol etc., but this year the congregations of St. James El Cotillo and St. James Corralejo are being encouraged to “give away” something, rather than give it up.

The Revd. Bob Horrocks, the Chaplain of Fuerteventura said “We had such a remarkable response to our Reverse Advent Campaign, when 24 crates of food and 18 crates of clothing were taken to the Mision Cristiana Moderna, for their excellent work supporting the homeless and the poor of the island, we have decided to repeat that campaign during Lent.”

Each day of Lent, Congregation Members are asked to donate a specified food item that will be donated again to Mision Cristiana Moderna.  “We were quite overwhelmed by the generosity not just of our Church Members, but complete strangers arrived bearing bags of food, toiletries and clothing as well as toys for children” said Bob “We clearly resonated with those willing to help those in need, so we hope to get similar support again”.

The first week of the campaign members are being asked to bring milk, fruit juice, tuna and lentils to donate on the first Sunday in Lent (30th February).

If anyone wants to join the scheme, details of the items being collected can be found at the Church’s website,  under ‘Publications’.


15th January 2020Volunteers Skills & Activities Audit

Please download and complete the Skills Audit Form and return completed copies to Bob Horrocks.

15th December 2019


The congregation of St. James’ Church in El Cotillo and Corralejo are once again supporting the on-going work of Fuerteventura Against Cancer (Associación Fuerteventura Contra el Cancer) by a cash donation.

Each week 10% of the collections taken at services is reserved for supporting other charities and in 2019, this amounts to €1,500.

Representatives of FAC collected the donation at the evening service in the Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen in Corralejo at 6pm on Sunday 15th December 2019.

The Church also supports the work of Tearfund in overseas development and disaster relief work and a donation of €640 has also been made.


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