Sunday 1 November – The Holy Communion Service for All Saints Day will be available via this link from 6.15pm on Saturday evening 31 October. This Service will also take place LIVE in Corralejo at 6pm Sunday evening as we return to live services under the “new normality” of the pandemic.

Sunday 25 October

Sunday 18 October

Sunday 11 October

Sunday 4 October

Sunday 27 September

Sunday 20 September

Sunday 13 September

Sunday 6 September

Sunday 30 August

Sunday 23 August

Sunday 16 August

Sunday 9 Augustlive stream. The Picture Link will take you to our Facebook Video Page to watch. The Video will be able to be watched later as well.

The words for the service including Reading and Hymns are linked here

So what’s it like to go back to the building? (P.S. this was recorded Wednesday as though it was Sunday after filming the service in advance)

Sunday 28 June

Sunday 21 June

Sunday 14 June

Sunday 7 June – Trinity Sunday

Sunday 31 May – Pentecost

Sunday 24 May

Sunday 17 May

Sunday 10 May

Sunday 3 May

Sunday 26 April

Sunday 19 April

Easter Sunday Service 2020

Our Good Friday Service 2020

Sunday 5 April

Sunday 29 March

Sunday 22 March

15 March 2020 – ONLINE WORSHIP

8th March 2020, “How much are you worth” – Revd. Jim McNulty.

6th March 2020, World Day of Prayer Service – June Boughtflower.

1st March 2020 – “Temptation……. You Decide!” – Revd. Bob Horrocks.

23rd February 2020 – “You are part of the plan” – Revd. Bob Horrocks.

16th February 2020 – “Your life is a result of the choices you make” – Ruth Brough

9th February 2020 – “Are we a well watered garden?” – Bob Horrocks

2nd February 2020 – Is Jesus on your bucket list?” – Penny Melville

26th February 2020 – “Fishing with Maggots” – Bob Horrocks.

19th January 2020 – “Are you a remainer or a leaver?” – Judie Horrocks

12th January 2020 – “The Baptism of Christ” – Bob Horrocks

5th January 2020 – “Do not Fear” – Bob Horrocks.





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