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Our IN PERSON fellowship groups have restarted in Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste and El Cotillo. Aqua- aerobics and Bible Study are still happening. See CALENDAR for details

Food and toiletries donations (and HOUSEHOLD ITEMS that can be sold online) – Drop off at the Chaplaincy House or with Lynne Angus and Sue Caldwell or ask Bob for a pickup

Hi all,
We were delivering at the Mision in Rosario yesterday and managed to get an update.
They have approximately 50 people at the Mision for now, as most of the refugees have been ‘moved on’.
There are still some in quarantine, but they are not over-run at the moment. Saying that there are a lot of islanders who are now relying on them for help in the current situation.
The big problem now, is that the ‘Powers that be’ have decided in their wisdom to re-locate the refugees to Corralejo and house them in one of the hotels.
Obviously due to Covid they are not allowed any onward travel at the moment, so the numbers keep rising and there is a need to put them somewhere. But this is causing major problems – not only are the refugees calling their families to say ‘COME – we have a gym / swimming pool and are on holiday’ (last week nearly 1000 people arrived to the Canary Islands by boat)- there is also an issue with the tourists as they don’t want to be in the same accommodation as the refugees. The Islanders who have been laid off, are struggling to put food on the table and pay the rent are equally unimpressed.
Add to this, from the hotels point of view – with guests of any description, it means staying open and work for the staff.
So far about 150 people have been moved to Corralejo; both the Mison and the Red Cross are very unhappy with the situation – but without the building in Matorral (the old detainment centre) being re-vamped options for housing are limited.
We continue to collect food/ clothing and bedding regularly; and are working closely with the Twinkle Trust who donate clothing to us in exchange for any household / personal items they can sell on-line. God Bless – Lynne & Sue

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