Support and Giving

Supporting the Fuerteventura Chaplaincy


We believe that prayer works and prayer can happen any time and in any place. The greatest support you can give the work here would be to pray for us. Pray for the developing vision of the church and more opportunities for sharing the good news of Jesus. Pray for more workers to come alongside us, particularly residents of the island, to engage in the day to day operation of the church and its mission here. Thank you in anticipation that you will indeed pray. Check out our newsletters and news sheets for up to date things to pray for.


How can I help the Church financially?
We need to be sure of an income of around 300€ per week in order to support the ongoing costs of a chaplaincy on Fuerteventura. It is much more beneficial for the Church if you could take part in our regular giving scheme rather than putting money into the collection plate whenever you are here, as this enables us to budget well and plan ahead.

Please press the button to donate to the Chaplaincy via a one-off amount or to give regularly using credit/debit card

What is regular giving?
Regular giving involves a promise made by a member of the congregation to pay a regular sum into a bank account for the benefit of the chaplaincy. It involves completing one or two simple forms at the start.

What are the benefits of regular giving?
The church can rely on a regular income, can plan ahead and show that the upkeep of a chaplaincy is possible. It is possible to pay monthly, quarterly, six monthly or annually, as long as it is regular. It also demonstrates a real and ongoing commitment to the Church however much you can afford.


Account name:  “Diocese in Europe Fund”
Bank sort code:                      20-06-13
Account number:                   40317039
PLEASE MARK THE GIFT FOR “Fuerteventura Chaplaincy”

If you pay UK tax it would be helpful if you could complete the Gift Aid Form below

I pay tax on my income in the UK, can this be gift aided?
St James’s Church is officially recognised as a chaplaincy in its own right, and part of the Diocese of Europe, therefore everyone can pay their covenanted money into the Diocese bank account in London. Then, in addition to the money pledged, a further 25% is reclaimed from the treasury as tax relief on the payments made. The Diocese office deals with your bank and the treasury. Those from the UK can download and complete the forms below.

If you pay UK tax at the Higher or Additional Rate, you can personally re-claim the difference between Basic Rate and Higher Rate or Additional Rate (20% or 25%).

I don’t pay tax on my UK income, what should I do?
It is still possible and convenient to use the above system if all or part of your income is paid in the UK whether or not you pay tax on it. Use the Bankers Order above and please contact the Diocesan Finance Officer to let them know and inform them that it is for the benefit of the Fuerteventura Chaplaincy.

My income is wholly paid in Euros, what is best for me?
In this case it is better to make a standing order to the Church’s local bank account in Corralejo so that exchange charges do not decrease the amount.  If you have on-line banking, you can do this yourself, just set up a payment using the information below.


“Anglican congregation of St. James” with SWIFT code ‘BSAB ESBB’
and IBAN ‘ES7300810545510001347835’.
If these look really confusing to you, just think of the SWIFT being the equivalent to the UK Sort Code and the IBAN equivalent to the account number.

For more information contact our Treasurer: Ruth Brough via the button below